Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Purse-peration at Your Local Stores!

Since I have recently spent an inordinate amount of time gawking at net-a-porter, mytheresa, and luisaviaroma looking at bags, shoes, etc. I thought of making this post of ID-ing some of the local bags available from local brands that has been, ah-hem, inspired (or purse-pired) from hit designer bags...I'm sure you've seen them too!

The Philip Lim Pashli...which I'm sure you've seen a copy of at CLN (Celine, Manila)
photo from purseforum
Yes, Celine (Paris) at Celine (CLN) Manila, clever eh?!
photo from purseblog
After the Rocco bag become a cult favorite, Alexander Wang made a good follow-up with the belt bag.
Although I think this would put you at high risk from getting caught at the MRT or some low-lying branch, it has a certain unique appeal, I guess.
Seen the like of this one at Plains and Prints
image from purseblog
Color blocking has invaded the bag-o-sphere. This one from DKNY in collaboration with bagsnob was such a hit!
I remember seeing something that looks so similar, again, at CLN!
Photo from net-a-porter
If you're into a sensory deprivation plan and you haven't heard of this bag, congratulations coz it's working!
The Mulberry Alexa - small, medium, large, in all colors and finish - made popular by Alexa Chung.
I'm sure you've seen something similar i.e. without the mulberry engraved logos at Bayo!
Image from purseforum
The Miu Miu quilted satchel.  I think I have seen a similar structure and quilting at Bayo or Plains and Prints.
image from purseblog
Another satchel from Miu Miu! I'm sure I have seen this design as well in one of Plains and Prints satchels. I think it's still in their stores...
Image from net-a-porter archive
The Mulberry Bayswater.
I have seen this design in a number of bags from Our Tribe. I can go into detail into the differences with this one and the Our Tribe coz I have the latter in black. The postman lock and key and the "belt" are not present at Our Tribe but the overall look is definitely similar.
image from Purseblog

The Dolce and Gabbana Sicily Leopard Print Bag...A similarly designed, leopard print and other colors, may be found (again!) at CLN!
Image from Neiman Marcus

That's about it for now!  Will probably blog again on the big day on Wednesday!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Art and Chocolate: From New York to Manila

It has been months since we've first tried the Theo and Philo chocolates from echo store.  The moment we tried the sea salt and green mango we knew we've hit a pasalubong winner! Originally, we were supposed to fly to NY this February for the NY bar, but since I got my eligibility late, we had to move it.  Anyway, just when I was trolling the web, or more specifically fashion blogs, I came across Mast Chocolates! So what better trip than to bring in and bring home chocolates -- or in this case, chocolate wrapped in art!

Theo and Philo Chocolates
All the flavors are amazing! Nice full bodied chocolate. Our favorite will always be the Green Mango and Salt!
(image from
Who wouldn't fall in love with the packaging? Yes, I die too!
This little chocolate shop in Brooklyn has been getting a lot of attention online, its just beautiful!
That dried cranberry is shouting my name with its brickred houndstooth packaging!
(photo from 
These chocolates will give you one battle of wills -- between looking at the wrapper and munching the goodies inside!

Hey Sole Sister!

photo from
Red is the color of war as YSL and Louboutin renews their trademark war, and Elle Woods is not coming to the rescue.  After the injunction filed by Louboutin was rejected by the NY Court a motion for reconsideration (as expected) was filed and a new round of oral arguments slated.

The question is, does it really make a difference.  On Louboutin's side, I must say if I were the brand owner and has been using the "red sole" my trademark I would view YSL's move (although I recall they used blue for their Tribute before, and of course McQueen used pink) as something that could dilute my brand.  But the question is still whether or not my "wounded feelings" may be remedied by a trademark infringement case is another.  Maybe it's just a case of damnum absque injuria.

For the consumers i.e. the food starved-skipping-off-eating-for-my-next-shoe-crowd, would you want a single color palette associated with one brand? So red for Christian, Blue for Yves, maybe black and white for Coco, and Pink for McQueen? It seems a bit ridiculous, but in terms of arranging your collection of black pumps by brand, according to their sole color, then I suppose it makes sense...but I guess that's not what the Lanham Act, or the Paris Convention, had in mind when they were drafting the rules for trademark and what may or may not be registered.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two-Year Crush for CNY!

I fell in love in 2010. And as the (Chinese) year 2011 draws to a close, I find myself looking back at the stud, or studs, that took my breath away...

Valentino Studded Kitten heels from Fall 2010 (Euro 539 at
Photo grabbed from Mytheresa
Normally, I don't fell for kitten heels, but this gorgeous piece just took my breath away! I just hope its still there when I can finally afford it! *sigh*

Fillable PDF

Today's post is something a little geeky.  Anyway, the reason for this was that I encountered a number of forms at the office in .doc format. In a perfect world where everything remains formatted no matter what you type in there, this is good, but in the real world where formats and (letterheads) actually become a jumble of l_e_t_t_er_____and symbols it is much better, and cleaner, if one can just do a fillable pdf.  After a brief research online I managed to find a way to do it in OpenOffice.

The link for this was from this forum.

Tried it and it works perfect! There might need to be some trial and error on making sure the size of the text box works well, but that's the only challenge. Also, I edited the (resultant) .pdf file through the opensource document viewer app and it works just as great.

For non-Open Office users, this link gives instruction using Windows and Adobe designer. Adobe designer, I think, is a proprietary program, hence you might need to pay for it.

Till next!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Workwear and Playing Dressup

Online shopping has been both my curse and blessing the past few months.  As physical shopping, there is also such a thing as online window shopping.  As I think of some inspirations for what to wear for the new job, I have looked backed on my (huge and growing) collection of eye candy stuff I saw's some:
Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania.
Perfect draping, the lines are bold while at the same time office appropriate, not to mention still a relative classic.
Victoria Beckham Shift dress.
There's something about a shift dress in monochromatic colors and luxe material that says business and well, gaudiness. 
Etro Safari dress
This dress is so can be made office appropriate with a tailored blazer and weekend / lounge friendly with a bright colored scarf (maybe those Versace x H&M?). The luxe satin material of this safari dress sets it apart from, well, all things safari?

From Jason Wu
This tweed and leather lined dress has the lady likeness reminiscent of Coco and the toughness of leather -- sort of Chanel meets Alexander Wang...
This lanvin set will get you from bundy clock to guest list! The fact that they're separates (unlike those deceptive twofer dresses) adds to the multifunctionality.

Just sharing some inspiration copyright infringement intended.  All signs, trademarks etc. are property of their respective owners. :)